Fairgrounds Vol. 2

Fairgrounds Vol. 2

Fairgrounds Vol. 2

It’s a wrap, the Fairgrounds Vol. 2 compilation is finally finished! This 16-track compilation will be released as a limited run of professionally replicated CDs and given as a free door gift at the Fairgrounds Vol. 2 Release Party presented by Haymaker Records. A BIG BIG thanks to all of the artists that contributed music to this compilation. Copies will also be mailed out to independent radio stations across the United States (Use the contact form if you’d like for your radio station to receive a copy). If you’re into nostalgia and physical copies of music, CDs can be pre-ordered now and we’re selling these at cost because we just want the music to be heard. This release will also be available as a free download from this website or the Haymaker Records Bandcamp. Click the Fairgrounds Vol. 2 Product Page to view information on the compilation, stream audio, pre-order a copy of the CD, or download a copy for free.

Download the Haymaker Records – Fairgrounds Vol. 2 – Booklet

Fairgrounds Vol 2 - 03/24/17

Fairgrounds Vol 2 – 03/24/17


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Outer Reaches 2016

For the last three years, Haymaker Records has been a co-sponsor and planner of KC Psych Fest. The festival was rebranded to Outer Reaches this year, with the idea of being more incorporating of music outside of the “psych” genre. The music fest is still boundary-pushing and left-of-center, its just more inclusive of other genres now. We’re very excited to be a big part of the festival again this year. It will be held Friday, Sept. 30th and Saturday, Oct. 1st, 2016 at recordBar. Haymaker acts Be/Non and HMPH! are a part of the lineup this year, as well as 16 other great acts. All the information can be found at www.outerreachesfest.com.

Outer Reaches 2016

Outer Reaches 2016

Jorge Arana Trio release new full-length LP “Mammoth”

Jorge Arana Trio - Mammoth

Jorge Arana Trio – Mammoth

Kansas City-based Haymaker Records releases the album Mammoth by instrumental art rock group the Jorge Arana Trio on digital media on Friday September 23, 2016 and on vinyl LP on Friday October 14, 2016. Mammoth is the third album and second full length release for the Jorge Arana Trio and will be celebrated with release parties in Kansas City, Missouri and Lawrence, Kansas. The first album release concert will be held at The recordBar, 1520 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO, on Friday September 2nd at 9PM. A week later, on Friday September 9th at 9PM, the group plays at Jackpot Music Hall & Saloon in Lawrence, KS.

The Jorge Arana Trio is Jorge Arana, Josh Enyart, and Jason Nash. They were formed in 2011 from the sparks of several progressive outfits colliding in an avant-garde geometry of rock, jazz, classical, punk, electronic, experimental, and incidental music. Jorge Arana Trio’s latest offering, Mammoth, is a sophisticated blend of sounds and structures that challenges expectations, pushing the art rock genre into the world of progressive music with jazz fusion and math rock elements. Building on previous albums Mapache and Oso‘s use of playful genuine interaction in the patterned riffs and rhythms, Mammoth ups the ante by incorporating a tense and dark mood across the entire album.
“Speak, Beast” sets the tone, casting a menacing shadow of distorted lead guitar over brooding keyboard pads and drums that sound more tribal than belonging in a rock band. With Mammoth, the listener gets the feeling that they are in an epoch not their own – they are in a world of gnashing tusks, embattlement, and ultimately survival. Recorded in early 2016 by Justin Wilson at Sound 81 Productions, the album marks a new place and time in the Jorge Arana Trio‘s musical endeavors. The vinyl is pressed in limited edition silver vinyl with digital download included. It is the sixth vinyl release for Haymaker Records.

The Trio will be joined by heavy rock group 34 and Haymaker Records labelmates Riala for The recordBar release show on September 2nd. Advanced tickets may be purchased online through recordBar. For the Lawrence, Kansas Jackpot Saloon show on September 9th the Trio will be joined with Boston art rock group Bent Knee and Lawrence doom funk group Hyperbor. In addition to the two release shows, the Jorge Arana Trio are also one of the featured performers at the two-day annual ICT Festival in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday September 3rd. Copies of the new vinyl record will be available to the public for the first time at these events. A 3-week U.S. tour of the midwest, east coast, and south will follow in late September with dates to be announced later.

Friday, September 2nd – Kansas City, MOThe recordbarFacebook Record Release Event
Saturday, September 3rd – Wichita, KSICT Fest 2016Facebook Festival Event
Friday, September 9th – Lawrence, KSJackpot SaloonFacebook Record Release Event

Pre-order Mammoth here. Items will ship before the actual album release date with digital files available immediately.

Riala Interview – Touring, DIY, Oranges, and More…

Riala / Via Luna - Tour 2016

Riala / Via Luna – Tour 2016

Riala has had a busy year so far. But despite opening for prog metal heavyweights, playing a festival, releasing new music, and completing a tour of the West, the best is yet to come for these guys. Haymaker Records correspondent Tommy Walzer had the pleasure of talking to drummer Morgan Greenwood and guitarist/vocalist Nick Turner about the Kansas City math rock band’s upcoming projects, DIY, oranges, and more.

So first and foremost, you guys just came off a big tour of the West Coast. How was that experience?

Nick: I’d say it was pretty good. A lot of shows turned out to be way better than I was expecting. That sounds kinda shitty…

Morgan: Same with me. I was really surprised by the turnouts at all the shows?

Awesome. People were really receptive?

Nick: For sure, and also just the sheer amount of people that decided to show up. It was impressive.

What was your guys’ favorite city to play in and why? Can you talk about the scene there?
Nick: Probably San Francisco. We played a sold out show there. It was pretty incredible.

Riala & Via Luna - Summer Tour 2016

Riala & Via Luna – Summer Tour 2016

Was that the only sold out show on the tour?
Nick: I guess it depends on what you consider sold out. In Denton (TX) we also had like 200 kids show up, it was a house venue though, so it wasn’t “sold out.”
Morgan: Way over the fire limit though.

That’s pretty good. If you get dangerous conditions that’s always a plus.

Nick: It adds a certain intensity to the show for sure!

So you played some house shows in addition to actual venues?

Morgan: Ya, I’d say maybe a third or so, maybe half at the most.

Did you like those better than the venues?

Morgan: I mean I think it’d be hard to objectively say whether we preferred one over the other. They definitely have different dynamics, each of which I think we appreciate on some level. I think at a house show, the atmosphere is way more relaxed and people are generally there to just sort of “turn up,” if you will, and party. House shows are generally really relaxed. The people wanna come out and party but they were also super supportive, especially in a city like Denton because it’s such a music and art focused city. The kids there are really like, about everything, which is really cool. So that’s sort of juxtaposed by like, real venues, if you will. It’s cool to be a little more structured, and also you’re working with a sound guy and a promoter and all that. So everything is going pretty strictly by the books. And the people that are there, they’re obviously trying to party and drink too, but the atmosphere is a little different. But I think they’re both valid and I think they’re both fun, just in different ways.

Riala - San FranciscoRiala Portland

So at the house shows, was it more like a straight up DIY kinda thing, or do the hosts there help you with your gear and sound and all that?

Morgan: I mean, people who own the space obviously were running the show, so they always had that on their plate. Certainly more DIY, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. There’s nothing less valid about that.
Nick: It really depends on which house show though. Like Denton was done really really professionally actually. They were really strict about time and stuff, which actually worked out pretty well. But compared to Albuquerque, which was also a house show, they were way more relaxed. And we had guys running sound for us and sort of helping us out with the gear [for the Albuquerque show]. But as far as the time allotments, it was way more chill.

Awesome. Another thing I was wondering about…You guys have a pretty good relationship with Kansas City natives Via Luna. I know they were on that tour with you and you also released a split with them not too long ago. How’d you guys originally meet?
Morgan: Umm, I think I was probably the first one to meet them. I was just sort of walking around one night, cruising through Westport, and I heard them playing at Harling’s. It was like an upstairs bar that used to do shows. But their windows are open so you can always hear the music on the street whenever you’re walking past. And I was like, “This actually sounds pretty cool!” I don’t know…I feel like based on the kind of music that we are, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find music in Kansas City that is like, similar on some level. And I think both bands respectively sort of realized that, and so we got along pretty well. But they’re also just pretty good dudes, you know? They’re fun to chill with, so it works out pretty well.


Haymaker Records Showcase at Middle of the Map Fest 2016

Our friends at The Record Machine have been kind enough to invite Haymaker Records to be a part of the Middle of the Map Fest 2016 by providing us with a special label showcase. The Haymaker Records showcase will be on Wednesday, May 4th and will start at 6PM sharp at Mills Record Company (314 Westport Road, KCMO 64111) and features performances by Haymaker artists Be/Non, Jorge Arana Trio, and Monta at Odds. All three acts have brand new music to showcase with new albums out or on the way in 2016. This showcase is not to missed and this is the first time that all three acts have played together under one roof. Check out the Facebook event page for more details.

Haymaker Records Showcase MOTM 2016

Haymaker Records Showcase MOTM 2016

Be/Non – “Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic” Record Release Party at Scottish Rite 2016/02/28

BeNon MSSM Record Release 02/28/16

BeNon MSSM Record Release 02/28/16

KANSAS CITY, MO. – Kansas City-based Haymaker Records releases the album Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic by space rock group Be/Non on vinyl LP and digital media on leap day February 29, 2016. Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic is the sixth album for Be/Non and will be celebrated with an album release concert entitled MEDITATION: A Live Presentation of Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic by Be/Non in the temple of the Kansas City Scottish Rite, 1330 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO, on Sunday February 28th 6-10PM.

In 1996, Brodie Rush and his rock band Be/Non recorded two sets of songs in a small home studio in Lawrence, Kansas – material that would become their first two EPs released on cassette. Twenty years later and with a rotating cast of band members, Be/Non is still at it and proud to present the release Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic. Recorded over the course of six years in Brodie Rush’s home studio, the album features Be/Non family old and new performing compelling songs that incorporate pop elements into synth-drenched space rock. A musical direction unlike all previous endeavors, Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic is a meditative album based on deep thought and cosmic oneness. It’s a one-two punch into the unknown with intuitive trajectory, a must-listen for those with a bucket-list for the bizarre. The vinyl is pressed in limited edition purple blob vinyl with digital download included. It is the fifth vinyl release for Haymaker Records.

The show on February 28th will feature Be/Non playing the new album in its entirety, rotating in musicians who assisted in its creation. The Kansas City Scottish Rite was chosen as a location for the event out of a curiosity surrounding the Masonic temple itself that will undoubtedly compliment the music and viewing experience. Built in 1928 and featuring classic Greek design inspired by the ancient mausoleum at Halicarnassus in Caria, the temple has a rich history in Kansas City but little in the way of public music performances. Christian Hankel will be handling stage production for the event and Kansas City catering company Cool Guy Foods will provide catered small bites. Copies of the new vinyl record will be available to the public for the first time at this event. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details.

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Be/Non “Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic” Vinyl Pre-Order

Be/Non - Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic - LP Packaging

Be/Non – Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic – LP Packaging

The new Be/Non album Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic is available for pre-order now on 12-Inch vinyl (purple blob inside of milky-clear vinyl). It hits local stores on LEAP DAY, February 29th, 2016. For a limited time, we’ll throw in the Be/Non Moi Ou Toi 7-Inch Single for free with purchase of Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic. There are also a limited number of the 2009 album A Mountain of Yeses (courtesy of Be/Non) that you can bundle for just $10 more.

“Be/Non transports you to a parallel universe where psychedelia, song-craft and space exploration still matter… this record is amazing – it’s groovy, it’s trippy, it’s gorgeous and it should be snatched up right away.”
-Kid Millions (Oneida / Man Forever / Fox Millions Duo)