Outer Reaches 2017

The music festival Outer Reaches presents its sixth annual live music festival. Outer Reaches, (formerly KC Psych Fest), emphasizes musical acts experimenting and pushing boundaries within a variety of musical genres. The fest aims to showcase the ‘out there,’ left-of-center, under-the-radar musical acts performing captivating live music.

On Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30, 2017, the festival Outer Reaches will take over recordBar (1520 Grand Avenue) in Kansas City, Missouri. The show is 18+ and there are ten musical acts performing over two days. More acts to be added later.

Outer Reaches 2017

Outer Reaches 2017

Friday, September 29th
Deerhoof (San Francisco, CA)
Lily and Horn Horse (New York City, NY)
Matchess (Chicago, IL)
Various Blonde (Kansas City, MO)
Mysterious Clouds (Kansas City, KS)

Saturday, September 30th

El Ten Eleven (Los Angeles, CA)
Dead Rider (Chicago, IL)
The Hearers (Kansas City, MO)
Sego (Los Angeles, CA)
Pageant Boys (Kansas City, KS)

Each night will feature accompanying live video projection


Tickets are $20 each day, with $15 advanced single-day tickets available from the recordBar website and physical location.

Friday Ticket:
Saturday Ticket:

Outer Reaches Sponsors:

Outer Reaches
Records with Merritt
Josey Records Kansas City
7th Heaven
It’s a Beautiful Day
Haymaker Records
The Record Machine
Sound 81 Productions
Seen Merch
Midwest Music Foundation

Outer Reaches 2017 (FB Banner)

Outer Reaches 2017 (FB Banner)

For more information on the festival, visit www.outerreachesfest.com. Also review the Facebook Event Page.