Be/Non release the Long-Lost “Freedom Palace” Album

Be/Non - "Freedom Palace" cover

Be/Non – “Freedom Palace” cover

Haymaker Records is proud to release the long-lost art-pop album Freedom Palace by Kansas City rock band Be/Non. Wednesday, January 17, 2018 sees its release in digital media formats. The “troubled” Freedom Palace was recorded over 12 years ago but never saw the light of day for a variety of reasons. Why would we release a mid-2000s album now? How does a 12 year old album sound now? Why should anybody care about this lost time capsule? Frankly because this album is just plain awesome. This is an album that must be listened to if you have a passion for rock music and quirky pop sensibilities. Freedom Palace enters all new territory in arrangements and lyrical content and finds itself as the most pop-friendly and accessible recordings of the Be/Non catalog.

At the time of its recording in 2006, Be/Non were positioned at the top of a solid crop of inventive hard-working bands in Kansas City. Nearly every show they played that year was filled to capacity. Local press coverage was great and the antics of the band and crazy performances became legendary. As the fall rolled around, Kansas City anxiously awaited for the new album Freedom Palace. There was a palpable energy in the air. Would it sound as good as the live material they had been showcasing? What recording tricks did front man Brodie Rush and sound engineer Paul Malinowski have up their sleeves? Was this going to be the album that put Kansas City music on the map again? The release date approached… and then….nothing… ….. 2007 passed and word spread that the band had split up. 2008 came and went and people began forgetting altogether about Freedom Palace, short of a few music-obsessed nerds (no doubt represented well with now Haymaker Records staff). 2009 arrived and fans were granted a reprieve with a new Be/Non album, the synth-heavy Brodie Rush head trip A Mountain of Yeses. 2015 followed with another full-length as Haymaker Records released the meditative space-rock album “Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic”. All along though, there was still this void, this broad gap between the bands’ two late-’90s releases on New York City indie label Turnbuckle Records and the 2009 album A Mountain of Yeses.

Now, on the 12th anniversary of its original recording date, the Freedom Palace album is finally ready to be revealed to the world. Be/Non and Haymaker Records would like to present the final mix, the way it was originally intended. A time capsule of compositions, energy, and productions that never saw the light of day. We present to you, with new artwork and updated packaging, Be/Non’s Freedom Palace.

Listen to the album and purchase a digital download from the bandcamp below