Monta at Odds – “Robots of Munich”




Artist Name: Monta at Odds
Album Name: Robots of Munich
Record Label: Haymaker Records
Release Date: November 28, 2014
Catalog No.: HAY002-CS / HAY002-LP
Formats: Cassette Tape / 12-Inch Vinyl / Digital Download

Robots of Munich is Kansas City, Kansas band Monta at Odds’ fifth release, a concept album inspired by the Blade Runner / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? storyline.

The melding of lo-fi vintage gear with electronic undercurrents leads Robots of Munich through its dusty grooves and modern manners, mimicking the physically immersive live spectacle of a Monta at Odds live performance. The storyline questions human and robot empathy, following a group of androids who survived the slaughter at the uprising in Munich. As they escape to South America, the small group delves into the crumbling culture in an attempt to grasp humanity and make the most of a limited lifespan spent evading the pursuit of the android hunter. More than just a mental adventure, the sonic tease of Robots of Munich is rife with deft contrasts of striking groundedness and elevated electronica, hinting toward a special blend akin to LCD Soundsystem, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, and Talking Heads. Short story segments and accompanying online visuals make Robots of Munich a nimble indirect sequel as well as an intriguing work of art on its own.

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