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Schwervon! is a two piece American Art-Rock band born on the Lower East Side of New York City. Nan Turner (Nan & The One Night Stands) plays drums. Matthew Roth (Major Matt Mason USA) plays guitar. They both sing. Their band name is taken from the warped abbreviation of an urban slang, meaning: “to do something well in one’s own way or in a unique manner, usually involving members of the opposite sex.”

The power of Schwervon! comes from the melding of two unique voices hearkening to a golden age of Punk, Indie, and New Wave music. The result is a band that seems greater than the sum of it’s two parts. As David Gedge of The Wedding Present so eloquently put it: “I’m not sure how just two people manage to make such a big sound!” Schwervon! live shows offer a special sense of spontaneity and occasional humor. Between songs, Matt has been known to recite original poetry while Nan performs spontaneous interpretive dance. These “Intermissions” as they have come to be called offer a singular view into their daily lives as DIY Road Dogs and long standing musical partners. In 2012, a number of factors prompted Schwervon! to move from NYC to Shawnee, Kansas where they presently reside and make music in their basement.

Schwervon’s latest release, Broken Teeth on Haymaker Records, is a mini album of fiery acoustic track recorded in their home. Their last full length album is entitled Courage and was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee with Doug Easley (Cat Power, Pavement, Breeders). Guest artists include Frances McKee (The Vaselines, Sunny Moon) and Dave Shouse (Grifters, Those Bastard Souls, Mancontrol). Schwervon! have toured the world and performed with Belle and Sebastian, The Vaselines, The Wedding Present, Vampire Weekend, Kimya Dawson, The Thermals, R. Ring (Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery), Speedy Ortiz, Jeffrey Lewis, Wussy, The Thalia Zedek Band and other luminaries.




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    Buy Schwervon!’s new album “Broken Teeth”.  Out September 30th.  Until I get the store configured for international orders, people outside of the U.S. can e-mail me and we’ll work out payment and shipment.  Thanks.

  • Schwervon! Broken Teeth out September 30th, 2014

    schwervondinnerSchwervon!‘s new album Broken Teeth will be released on CD and digital media by Haymaker Records on September 30th, 2014.  This is the third release on the label and will be the first release in the newly created Home-Fi Series on Haymaker.   The goal of the Home-Fi Series is to provide an official release for special home recordings, demos, long-lost rarities, and one-offs.

    After two years of whirlwind touring and a family member’s cancer diagnosis, Schwervon! found themselves moving from their Lower Eastside apartment in New York City to a basement (of the house Matt grew up in) amongst the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas. Frustrated with the process of writing new material, Matt and Nan started reworking some songs off of their third album I Dream Of Teeth. The result defied logic: a more vulnerable sound and yet somehow more kinetic. The material was given a new life through a raw acoustic treatment. By the time they were done they had worked out six songs off of I Dream Of Teeth, as well as two cover songs.  One by The Vaselines with whom they toured with in 2011, and another by one of their favorite NYC artists The Purple Organ. The songs for Broken Teeth were recorded in their basement practice space in Shawnee, KS where they reside with Matt’s Dad Harry, who they are happy to report is in remission from lung cancer.

    Read Schwervon!’s notes on this new album and hear a couple early unmastered tracks.   They’ve also provided their thoughts on the philosophy of Broken Teeth and provided some photos of the recording session.


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