Schwervon! – “Broken Teeth”


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Artist Name: Schwervon!
Album Name: Broken Teeth
Record Label: Haymaker Records
Release Date: September 30, 2014
Catalog No.: HAY003-CD
Formats: Compact Disc / Digital Download

Schwervon! is a two-piece indie-pop rock group consisting of guitarist Matt Roth and drummer Nan Turner. They share vocal duties and also are a couple. After two years of whirlwind touring and Matt’s father Harry’s lung cancer diagnosis, Schwervon! found themselves moving from their Lower East Side apartment in New York City to a basement in a Kansas City suburb. Frustrated with the process of writing new material, Matt and Nan started reworking songs off of their third album, 2006’s I Dream of Teeth, giving it new life through a raw acoustic treatment. The result defies logic: a more vulnerable sound and yet somehow more kinetic.

Schwervon! worked out six songs from I Dream of Teeth, as well as two cover songs, including one by The Vaselines, a group they toured with in 2011, and another by one of their favorite NYC artists, The Purple Organ. The songs for the new stripped down project, dubbed Broken Teeth, were recorded in Schwervon!’s basement practice space in Shawnee, Kansas. The project is an evolution in sound that stands as a symbol for the rebirth Matt and Nan experienced joining Kansas City’s burgeoning art and music scene. It’s also a celebration of renewal, as Matt’s father is now in remission.

Kansas City-based Haymaker Records releases Schwervon!’s Broken Teeth, on CD and digital media on September 30, 2014. Broken Teeth is the third release on the label and will be the first in the newly created Home-Fi Series on Haymaker. The Home-Fi Series provides an official release for special home recordings, demos, long-lost rarities and one-offs.

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