Record Store Day 2015 Cassette Releases

Haymaker Records will be releasing several new limited cassette releases just in time for Record Store Day this Saturday. Math-rock punks HMPH! will be putting out their first full-length Headrush, covert electronic psych band Piercing Eyes will release their first EP Ultra Savage, and a 2nd run of the Fairgrounds compilation will see the light of day. Find them at select record stores across the Kansas City metro.

RSD 2015

RSD 2015

Musonomics Record Store Day Podcast

Haymaker Records is pleased to be a part of the very first episode of a new podcast called Musonomics through New York University’s Steinhardt Music Business Program. This episode delves into the current state of physical music retail in a conversation with James Donio of the Music Business Association as well as the future of the industry with Russ Crupnick of MusicWatch. It also looks at Record Store Day, how it started and what it means to the vinyl industry from co-founder Michael Kurtz.

The Record Store Day portion features interviews with Haymaker Records’ owner Brenton Cook and Monta at Odds frontman Dedric Moore. The band’s new album, Robots of Munich, came out on Record Store Day Black Friday, November 2014.

Fairgrounds – FREE Indie/Experimental Sampler from Haymaker Records

This is a collection of experimental and indie music from the Kansas City area. This collection of songs represents 2014 releases on the Haymaker Records label, some future Haymaker Records releases, and other recordings by friends of the label. Indie-pop, math rock, jazz, psych, post rock, synthesizer quartets – it’s all viewed the same, as part of a greater cerebral experience – thinking man’s music, if you will. This is to be released in limited numbers on cassette. Of course you can always buy the full albums from the artists or, if released on Haymaker Records, from the Haymaker website. Thanks… and enjoy -brenton

Midwestern Audio Vol. 3

Enjoy this free compilation of Kansas City and Lawrence area bands curated by the Haymaker Records founder. Midwestern Audio Vol. 3 is a promotional music download and CD provided by Midwest Music Foundation.


Monta at Odds and Haymaker Records release Blade Runner-inspired album “Robots of Munich”

Monta At Odds - Robots of Munich

Monta At Odds – Robots of Munich

Monta at Odds and Haymaker Records release Blade Runner-inspired album “Robots of Munich”

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City-based Haymaker Records releases Monta at Odds’ Robots of Munich locally, on limited edition red vinyl and digital media on November 28th, 2014 for Black Friday Record Store Day 2014. Worldwide distribution kicks off on December 9th, 2014.  Robots of Munich is Monta at Odds’ fifth release, a concept album inspired by the Blade Runner / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? storyline.  A live performance of material from Robots of Munich will be performed by Monta at Odds on November 28th 6:00PM at Mills Record Company in Kansas City, MO.

The melding of lo-fi vintage gear with electronic undercurrents leads Robots of Munich through its dusty grooves and modern manners, mimicking the physically immersive live spectacle of a Monta at Odds live performance. The storyline questions human and robot empathy, following a group of androids who survived the slaughter at the uprising in Munich. As they escape to South America, the small group delves into the crumbling culture in an attempt to grasp humanity and make the most of a limited lifespan spent evading the pursuit of the android hunter. More than just a mental adventure, the sonic tease of Robots of Munich is rife with deft contrasts of striking groundedness and elevated electronica, hinting toward a special blend akin to LCD Soundsystem, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, and Talking Heads. Short story segments and accompanying online visuals make Robots of Munich a nimble indirect sequel as well as an intriguing work of art on its own.

Discover the band, the label, and the album online at  More Monta at Odds information is also available at

MEDIA NOTES:  Please contact Brenton Cook at or (913) 777-4297 with questions about the record label and album release.

Haymaker Records:  Created in 2014, Haymaker Records is an independent record label run by Kansas City, Missouri native Brenton Cook.  Specializing in cerebral indie music, Haymaker constructs a sonic schema for the thinking man and woman.

Monta at Odds “Robots of Munich” LP (KC Psych Fest Pressing)

We’re excited to have a limited number of special KC Psych Fest LP pressings of the new Monta at Odds album “Robots of Munich“.  These are only available on Saturday at the KC Psych Fest.  This is your first crack at getting a vinyl copy of this album and it will be limited to only 20 copies on black vinyl with special “KC Psych Fest” labels and a die-cut record sleeve.

Monta at Odds - Robots of Munich (Psych Fest Pressing)

Monta at Odds – Robots of Munich (Psych Fest Pressing)

Monta at Odds - Robots of Munich "Back" (Psych Fest Pressing)

Monta at Odds – Robots of Munich “Back” (Psych Fest Pressing)