Be/Non “Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic” Vinyl Pre-Order

Be/Non - Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic - LP Packaging

Be/Non – Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic – LP Packaging

The new Be/Non album Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic is available for pre-order now on 12-Inch vinyl (purple blob inside of milky-clear vinyl). It hits local stores on LEAP DAY, February 29th, 2016. For a limited time, we’ll throw in the Be/Non Moi Ou Toi 7-Inch Single for free with purchase of Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic. There are also a limited number of the 2009 album A Mountain of Yeses (courtesy of Be/Non) that you can bundle for just $10 more.

“Be/Non transports you to a parallel universe where psychedelia, song-craft and space exploration still matter… this record is amazing – it’s groovy, it’s trippy, it’s gorgeous and it should be snatched up right away.”
-Kid Millions (Oneida / Man Forever / Fox Millions Duo)