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Various Artists – “Fairgrounds”


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Artist Name: Various Artists
Album Name: Fairgrounds
Record Label: Haymaker Records
Release Date: December 31, 2014
Catalog No.: HAY004-CS
Formats: Cassette Tape / Digital Download

This is a collection of experimental and indie music from the Kansas City area. This collection of songs represents 2014 releases on the Haymaker Records label, some future Haymaker Records releases, and other recordings by friends of the label. Indie-pop, math rock, jazz, psych, post rock, synthesizer quartets – it’s all viewed the same, as part of a greater cerebral experience – thinking man’s music, if you will. Released on a limited run of professionally printed and duplicated cassettes. Free download from Haymaker Bandcamp.

A1. Be/Non – Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum – 2:06
A2. Monta at Odds – Salty Air Breezes – 3:32
A3. Jorge Arana Trio – Foredoom – 3:05
A4. Schwervon! – Fuzzy Math – 2:49
A5. Temp Tats – Cinnamon Spices – 3:32
A6. Sutterfield – Voodoo Doll – 1:54
A7. Riala – Aether – 4:30
B1. HMPH! – Headrush – 3:47
B2. Sie Lieben Maschinen – To Whom Do I Pray? – 2:04
B3. Piercing Eyes – Shellshock – 1:40
B4. Janet the Planet – Under the City – 7:30
B5. Gemini Revolution – Movement 4 – 7:42

Compiler / CuratorBrenton Cook
ArtworkEric Schuman
Final Mixdown / Tape DupingDedric Moore


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Cassette Tape (includes MP3s), Digital Download – Mp3 (320 kbps)